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Before and after: Retouching and compositing examples



All of the images below are from assignments photographed, retouched, and composited by me.
More of my images can be seen on my primary website, Quindry.com 

If you want to attract new clients or customers, your photographs are extremely important because they’re the first impression your visitors get of your business or product. Because we buy with our eyes, better photos always win. It’s only a question of who has them. 

I know that if my images increase the sales of my clients, they’ll come back for more. And they do. Many have been coming back again and again for over 20 years.  

All post-production is performed on a professional series, self-calibrating Eizo monitor. This ensures that what I see is what you’ll get. You can be sure that when your images go to print or on the web that they’ll look their best.

I practice what the Japanese call kaizen, or continuous and never-ending improvement. I’m always learning and developing new techniques to deliver better quality and value for my clients. The quality of my work gets better and better every year. 

Contact me to see if I’m a good fit for your project. You’ll be glad you did. 

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  • Before-Diner
    Before Diner After


  • Before-From a series for a natural foods manufacturer
    After-From a series for a natural foods manufacturer
    Before From a series for a natural foods manufacturer After


  • Before-Employee headshot
    After-Employee headshot
    Before Employee headshot After


  • Before-Military equipment prototype
    After-Military equipment prototype
    Before Military equipment prototype After


  • Before-Executive Headshot
    After-Executive Headshot
    Before Executive Headshot After


  • Before-For an invitation to the Gold Heart Ball.
    After-For an invitation to the Gold Heart Ball.
    Before For an invitation to the Gold Heart Ball. After


  • Before-For an ad announcing the merger of two oil companies
    After-For an ad announcing the merger of two oil companies
    Before For an ad announcing the merger of two oil companies After


  • Before-Employee Headshot
    After-Employee Headshot
    Before Employee Headshot After


  • Before-Uncompleted Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment
    After-Uncompleted Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment
    Before Uncompleted Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment After


  • Before-Beauty retouch
    After-Beauty retouch
    Before Beauty retouch After


  • Before-Executive Portrait
    After-Executive Portrait
    Before Executive Portrait After


  • Before-Infrastructure Workers
    After-Infrastructure Workers
    Before Infrastructure Workers After


  • Before-Ad for Firefighter's Flashlight
    After-Ad for Firefighter's Flashlight
    Before Ad for Firefighter's Flashlight After

Images before retouching and enhancement in Photoshop by Photoshop expert RIchard Quindry

The four images that were used for the composite of the firefighter’s flashlight ad.

  • Before-Unfinished Distribution Center
    After-Unfinished Distribution Center
    Before Unfinished Distribution Center After