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Photoshop expert for hire

Photoshop expert

It often takes a Photoshop expert to make an image great.

The best photographer in the world can’t deliver perfection unless the subject is perfect . . . and they never are.

If you want high-quality images that increase sales, your photos will probably require some enhancing and retouching. It’s only a question of who will do it, how well, and how quickly.

Rich has received international recognition both for his commercial advertising photography and as a Photoshop expert. He combines these skills to create images that increase the sales of his clients.

He uses numerous other image processing programs and hundreds of post-production techniques in his high-end retouching, in addition to his Photoshop expertise.

Rich has been editing images since 1992. He practices what the Japanese call Kaizen. It means “change for the better.” It’s a process of continuous and never-ending learning and improvement that Rich has practiced for over thirty years. He’s constantly researching and developing better and faster ways to achieve superior results.

 With this knowledge and experience, Rich can provide solutions to almost any challenge.

Rich is both an internationally acclaimed photographer and a nationally recognized Photoshop expert.

His main website, Quindry.com, shows how he combines these skills to deliver images that increase his clients’ sales.

He accepts Photoshop projects from ad agencies, marketing firms, and businesses.

Because we buy with our eyes, better photos always win. It’s only a question of who has them.

Contact Rich to see if he’s a good fit for your project.